HRS Invictus was established to fill a huge gap in the market for the constant increase in demand for Customer Acquisition across the UK and Europe.

Currently based in Leeds HRS Invictus works with companies on a national and international level in industries ranging from, Online, Financial Services, Security, Digital TV, Telecoms, Energy, and Charities. Demand for our expertise and results have skyrocketed due to the success of our campaigns for our leading clients since 2008.

Our methods of increasing brand awareness and acquiring new customers are simple, yet effective, and have provided a consistent flow of new, loyal customers to our clients both nationally and internationally as well.

The HRS Invictus website will give you a better understanding of how we run our company and how we can help yours. At HRS Invictus we pride ourselves on having a young, fun and friendly environment, we also have huge goals for our company and clients and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them. We take pride in having high standards, and we are always looking for ways to continuously improve. We achieve our targets for our clients through B2B, B2C, and Events based campaigns. At HRS Invictus we thrive to acquire a high quantity as well as a high quality of customers for your company.

At HRS Invictus we feel it is important to focus on how the marketplace views your company and your brand. Knowing this will help you make effective changes from within, to improve the exterior of your brand. Direct marketing is an integral part of this. As an active outsourcing agency, HRS Invictus knows the importance of ensuring that a client’s image is communicated effectively and directly to the correct target market. Customers do not necessarily remember what a brand does for them, but they will certainly remember how it makes them feel. Building such an emotional connection with consumers is the key for building a successful brand. Brands are selected based on a customer’s emotional connection to that company, and it is all down to trust. HRS Invictus have studied customer buying behaviour to help build their clients.

We move quickly which is why we predominately work with clients that are looking for a long lasting working relationship as well as international growth. The closer and longer we work with a company the better. Sales and marketing campaigns will constantly be refined, worked on and evolved. As the market changes so will our approach.

HRS Invictus encourage open communication with our clients to ensure we are always on the same page and sharing information. As one of the most dominant companies in our industry, we intend to continue growing and expanding into new markets across the UK and Europe. For more information on some of the clients we have already done business with or how HRS Invictus can assist you with your customer acquisition needs please use the “contact us” page.