The way we operate at HRS Invictus is based on a distinct set of high standards and valued habits. These values represent the way we do business and are a crucial to our operations.

Our Culture is not just a list or just words on paper; they represent who we are and what we do for our clients. These values represent the way we do business and are an integral part of how we operate.

Committing to lead the way

We believe commitment needs to come from the top. All levels of management should be showing the rest of the team that everyone is working together to create a great company culture. Clear and inclusive leadership is a vital part of maintaining our company’s culture. We ensure the leaders in our organisation fully understand the ethos we’re trying to create so that they can effectively uphold it.

Providing ongoing development

As a company, we strive to provide opportunities for development, and we only internally grow talent within our organisation opposed to externally hiring. We feel it is important to invest in ‘people.’ Our philosophy is to invest quality time into training and developing our team to a high standard. We want our team to know that we are investing into their future as well as their personal and professional growth. We have many mentoring schemes and training days including seminars to educate and develop our team to aid in their development.

Whilst people are growing within our company, the company will continue to grow also. We know that in order to have a world class team, you have to train your team to be the best.


We give honest feedback

Our open culture allows our team at every level to share their ideas; we are always open to listen to new suggestions or concerns. Having structured feedback strategies in place means that as a management team, we can keep a constant eye on our team’s satisfaction levels allowing us to alleviate issues if they arise.


We make time for social events

The balance of social interaction alongside our business activity is something we believe is very important. It has proven to be great for team morale. A healthy social calendar outside of the office helps us instigate team bonding, relationship building and creates a more fun and upbeat atmosphere.Having a well-balanced personal and working relationship with your peers makes working a lot more productive and fun at the same time.

Being inventive

We don’t just want to be innovative in the way our company conducts business; we have the same attitude when interacting with our team. Our company strives to be a market-leader in our sector. We give our team the opportunity to stay up to date with trends and advancements in our rapidly evolving field by having them attend industry events and seminars. We are always looking for new ways to develop,grow and expand our business.


Our company is run with integrity. We believe honesty, diligence, and reliability should be the basis of all business. We strive for success through this integrity that we show to our team, our clients, and our customers.

We believe in doing what is right, not what is easy; and work on what is important, not what is easiest. If we say we are going to do something, we’ll do it, and if we do something, we do it exceptionally well. We strongly believe that your actions must match your words.


We are strong believers in ‘If you aim for nothing you will achieve the same’s.So we set our selves goals, we then make plan or strategy to accomplish these goals, execute our plan, follow up and give recognition for accomplishments, we hold ourselves accountable for our performance and are always thinking up how to better achieve the goals we have set.

We reward and recognise people who are proactive and who make themselves responsible for making deadlines, achieving results and finding the root of problems. We do what we say, we follow through on our word and we achieve what we set out to, both for our clients and our team.

Our Mission :

To be the market-leader in today’s markets you must have a vision. With the increase in demand for outsourced customer acquisitions constantly on the rise through out the UK, Europe and many other parts of the world, HRS Invictus have identified a huge gap in the marketplace across the globe, and we aim to fill that gap one city at a time for as many clients as we possibly can. We also understand that to do so we need the best team we can find to aid us in achieving this goal.

In the last eight years, HRS Invictus has provided more and more people with the opportunity to run their own business in this rapidly growing industry. We take pride in helping other people achieve their goals, whether that be the people within our team or our clients. Year after year, the industry continues to growth across many industries, making it one of the most recession-resistant industries that exist.