Since starting in London in 2008, we have expanded into multiple markets worldwide. HRS Invictus now has access to a network consisting of more than 3000 sales and marketing professionals that represent our clients in over 700 locations across 17 countries worldwide. Although we didn’t start with the largest Clients, we have proved our systems and methods work to a very high standard, and now we are proud to work with some of the leading brands in various industries globally.

HRS Invictus is now expert in various methods of customer acquisition including; Events based marketing, business-to-consumer, residential and business-to-business campaigns. We have provided expert advice and specially tailored campaigns to suit our client’s specific requirements over the years. The simplicity of our company systems have allowed us to grow even during the decline of the economy. Now that the economy is on the rise, we have not been slowed down by the need for companies to increase their customer base is still a main priority. With the economy improving, they just have more budget at their disposal. Whilst there are companies out there that want a larger customer base, more profit or a larger market share; HRS Invictus will continue to flourish, and provide these businesses with a unique outsourced approach to doing so.

Therefore the sky is the limit to future growth and opportunities for us as a company as well as the clients we represent!.